Automatic Pill Dispenser Comparison


Types of Pill Containers & Dispensers

1. Manual

The containers the pills came in, 7-day pill organizers, + plastic baggies.

This is your standard form pills come in--prepackaged bottles and prescription containers. Many people will sort them into seven-day pill organizers to ensure they're taking everything they need. Others will put them in little plastic baggies to take with them for the day. The sorting process is often lengthy, errors can be made, and there is no form of monitoring for consistency.

2. Semiautomated

Prepackaged pill and supplement packs sent to your home + machines where you presort your pills.

With modern changes to pharmaceutical processes, many people get their prescription pills shipped to their homes. Most of the time, these are not prearranged into the assortment you need for a particular day, so this straddles between manual ~ semiautomated. In the case of supplements, these are often a collection of different vitamins like Vitamin C, collagen, beetroot, omegas, etc. but you don't choose what you get, limiting what you personally need.

The second semiautomated category is pill organizer machines where you're required to sort your pills into the motley you desire before putting them into the machine for them to be dispensed at later times. These are similar to 7-day pill organizers but with the addition of a timer / dispenser.

The third semiautomated category is pill organizer machines where it's mostly automated, but you have to decide container sizes and shapes based on the pills meaning each time you change the contents of a specific container, you have to go thru an identification process.

3. Automated-Lite

Machines where presorting and different sized containers aren't required, but not all pill-types are accepted.

Some automated machines have limitations, like an inability to capture small pills, half pills, or pills of certain materials. These are automated, provided you do not need anything outside the most standard sizes.

4. Automated

Machines where presorting and different sized containers aren't required.

In the truly automated category, the only sorting required is upon preliminary data entry. After entering, you can augment your scheduling, dispensing, and general management via an app. This contrasts with the semiautomated machines which require presorting, thus you cannot make changes without withdrawing the packs from the machine and adjusting manually. They also lack the issues of the limited automation by being all encompassing.

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