What is a Pill Dispenser Worth?


How much is an automatic pill dispenser worth?

Here’s this new type of device. You try proxying the price of it with existing small appliances or untouchable healthcare appliances you see at the doctors or pharmacy. You can’t reach an answer—but you know how much your time is worth and perhaps, how much you’re losing in life by not consuming the vitamins and nutrients you need—so you’re curious.

Before jumping into the value of Mayfall, let’s discuss the alternatives. You have doing everything manually like opening each bottle every day, multiple times a day; organizing a 7-day container (high rate of adherence failure); Hero Health, which sorts only nine, not all pill types, monthly subscription, and you cannot own the machine; and box subscriptions that will never carry all your personal needs aside from wait times on deliveries.

Now here’s what Mayfall offers:

-        8-24 containers for unique pill types, each with90+ supply minimum

-        can dispense half-pills

-        no forced subscription—you own the machine

-        integration into your home landscape (ie. the design doesn’t feel invasive)

-        quick traveling capabilities via Mayfall Travelers

-        increased adherence rate for your health (and safety)

Your health is the most important part of your life—for you and others. Decreased nutritional value of foods today requires supplementation. Make the process easy for yourself and automate with Mayfall.